Useless News: punching, Miki’s moves, Sasshi showroom

Whatever you do, don’t read this. You need useful things in life, and you will not find any of that here. Don’t!

If you’re reading this, you didn’t listen to me!

But it’s fine. You’re here anyway, so here are some mildly useless things I thought about lately.

I didn’t know NMB theater was this violent…

Courtesy of her Twitter feed, NMB48 member Yabushita Shu shows herself getting violent at the NMB theater:

Wait for it…

More punches…

For some reason, Shuu’s punches remind me of of this:

Imgur GIF

But now that I look at this again, it doesn’t look exactly like a punch. At least, not as good as this:

Imgur GIF

Okay, one last punch…

Speaking of Nishino Miki…

We’ve seen a lot of Nishino Miki’s interesting… faces, but I am mesmerized by this … move (?):


There are so many Showroom sessions to watch, I’m so behind. But when I watched Sasshi’s showroom, I felt the most interesting thing was the cats:

Imgur GIF


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