2017 AKB48 Senbatsu Sousenkyo General Election results

The AKB48 9th Senbatsu Sousenkyo General Election 2017 is finally over!  Were you happy with the outcome?

First, here are the final results:

Senbatsu Members (選抜メンバー)

  • 1位 → Sashihara Rino (246,376)
  • 2位 → Watanabe Mayu (149,132)
  • 3位 → Matsui Jurina (113,615)
  • 4位 → Miyawaki Sakura (82,803)
  • 5位 → Ogino Yuka (73,368)
  • 6位 → Suda Akari (63,124)
  • 7位 → Yokoyama Yui (58,314)
  • 8位 → Souda Sarina (52,475)
  • 9位 → Okada Nana (48,143)
  • 10位 → Kitahara Rie (45,684)
  • 11位 → Takahashi Juri (42,663)
  • 12位 → Shiroma Miru (41,491)
  • 13位 → Honma Hinata (41,230)
  • 14位 → Furuhata Nao (40,202)
  • 15位 → Takayanagi Akane (38,576)
  • 16位 → Yoshida Akari (35,540)

Undergirls (アンダーガールズ)

  • 17位 → Mukaichi Mion
  • 18位 → Matsumura Kaori
  • 19位 → Minegishi Minami
  • 20位 → Suto Ririka
  • 21位 → Kato Rena
  • 22位 → Oya Masana
  • 23位 → Nakai Rika
  • 24位 → Kojima Mako
  • 25位 → Takakura Moeka
  • 26位 → Oba Mina
  • 27位 → Ota Yuri
  • 28位 → Tanaka Miku
  • 29位 → Kawamoto Saya
  • 30位 → Kurano Narumi
  • 31位 → Moriyasu Madoka
  • 32位 → Fukuoka Seina

Next Girls (ネクストガールズ)

  • 33位 → Kato Yuuka
  • 34位 → Fuchigami Mai
  • 35位 → Tomonaga Mio
  • 36位 → Ego Yuna
  • 37位 → Yabuki Nako
  • 38位 → Tomiyoshi Asuka
  • 39位 → Murase Sae
  • 40位 → Tashima Meru
  • 41位 → Nishigata Marina
  • 42位 → Iwatate Saho
  • 43位 → Sasaki Yukari
  • 44位 → Kamata Natsuki
  • 45位 → Taniguchi Megu
  • 46位 → Goto Rara
  • 47位 → Kubo Satone
  • 48位 → Okita Ayaka
Future Girls

Future Girls (フューチャーガールズ)

  • 49位 → Sakaguchi Riko
  • 50位 → Tanaka Natsumi
  • 51位 → Oguri Yui
  • 52位 → Komiyama Haruka
  • 53位 → Yamaguchi Maho
  • 54位 → Ueki Nao
  • 55位 → Mutou Orin
  • 56位 → Takeuchi Saki
  • 57位 → Tanigawa Airi
  • 58位 → Arai Yuki
  • 59位 → Matsuoka Natsumi
  • 60位 → Shibuya Nagisa
  • 61位 → Ichikawa Miori
  • 62位 → Motomura Aoi
  • 63位 → Kumazaki Haruka
  • 64位 → Kitagawa Ryouha
Upcoming Girls

Upcoming Girls (アップカミングガールズ)

  • 65位 → Ota Nao
  • 66位 →Tani Marika
  • 67位 → Nagano Serika
  • 68位 → Sato Sumire
  • 69位 → Sakaguchi Nagisa
  • 70位 → Miyajima Aya
  • 71位 → Kato Minami
  • 72位 → Obata Yuna
  • 73位 → Hiwatashi Yui
  • 74位 → Shinobu Mogi
  • 75位 → Omori Miyu
  • 76位 → Goto Moe
  • 77位 → Kado Yuria
  • 78位 → Takahata Yuki
  • 79位 → Toyonaga Aki
  • 80位 → Matsuoka Hana

Obviously, the venue turned out a little different this year, as a result of the crazy weather conditions.  Not quite the same without the crowd, but at least it wasn’t outright cancelled, so am thankful for that!

Continuing the trend from previous years, last year’s number 80 position was just over 13,000. This year, Matsuoka Hana at #80 managed to receive 15,396 votes.

  • As usual, I’m still reeling from the entire show, and have honestly been out of the loop for a long time! But here are some random thoughts and otherwise completely unsubstantiated observations:
  • The lower rank changes are always pretty interesting. Ota Nao unranked to ranked, and former fresh-lemon, Ichikawa Miori, coming up from #81 (unranked). Unfortunately, Komiyama Haruka dropped 30 spots from 21 to 52 – a big contrast from last year when she was unranked and placed into the undergirls bracket.
  • Oh, NGT48 had a pretty good year. It was impossible to not hear Yamada Noe cheering.
  • The next girls bracket was a little boring, since there wasn’t much movement, but it is nice to see some new faces. Although it was hard seeing Tomonaga Mio and Yabuki Nako drop from the undergirls bracket watching their speeches (T-T)
  • There was an odd moment when announcing #17 rank. Based on who they were cheering for and the camera focus, I don’t think AKB members were expecting it to be Mukaichi Mion, but another Team K member. Just a wild conjecture.
  • Suto Ririka getting married?!?! Holy Crap.
  • Yoshida Akari: crazy come back. Being 77 last year, it was easy to think that she’d be unranked. Shall we call this the void where some of Yamamoto Sayaka’s votes have gone?

I wish Nyan-nyan Kamen was around to lighten up the mood, but was still a great show. Were you happy with this year’s results?

Author: jerry

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  • keya46

    I can’t wait to watch your sub version of senbatsu speech. Please do it like usual.

  • Chaconne

    I’m happy Goto Rara ranked!
    Suto Ririka’s speech threw so many of us off. I thought she was kidding at first, but now I’m not so sure.
    I winced in pain hearing Mukaichi Mion’s name at #17.
    I was very pleased with Yoshida Akari’s senbatsu entry. A lot of comments on her recent YouTube videos were wishing for her to enter senbatsu, and she did just that! Also happy about Shiroma Miru in senbatsu.
    Takahashi Juri was so dang serious in her speech, like she was laying down the law or something…
    Furuhata Nao, Honma Hinata, and Souda Sarina surprised me.
    Yokoyama Yui made kami 7 at last!
    Watanabe Mayu’s graduation announcement saddened me, and I know Kashiwagi Yuki was crying about it. I hope Mayu will center an awesome single and have a lovely graduation song as well.

    • Shinnosuke Matsui

      Yes my reaction hear suto ririka “it’s nice boke” but then wow, i mean its not grad announcement but wedding announcement. Cool… married first then grad later.

  • Rika

    Welcome back!
    I’m really happy that Serika managed to rank, and that Meru did not drop, but rather increased in her rankings! I miss Nyan nyan too 🙁 . Yoshida probably gained all those votes from her youtube subscribers. I can’t wait when you translate the speeches (especially the shady af ones)!! And I would especially like to hear your thoughts on Nishino Miki graduating, if you’re up to it.

  • Payuyu Fortyeight

    it’s been a long time!! glad you’re well!
    the riripon announcement got on my nerves, it’s because she didn’t think about the group’s image, moreover the way she announced..tbh..

    i’m just happy that there are still more members out there who truly cares about the group, who wants to protect its name. NGT yuka is such an inspiration, she truly deserves her rank. and lastly, like sasshi, I am also scared that people will stop supporting the 48 group because of the negative things that happened. I really love this group, i would hate to see this group vanish because the members aren’t protecting it and preserving its good name.

    I would feel sorry for the seniors who worked so hard to build this group and see it fall into pieces, i only have 3 words for the kids, “stop f*cking around”

  • Petri Salonen

    Since most of the speech videos have now been taken down, can you please upload them to some other place?