Furuhata Nao’s 2017 9th Senbastu Speech (English Subtitles)

Here is Furuhata Nao’s speech for the #13 position from the 2017 AKB48 49th Single 9th Senbatsu Sousenkyo General Election.

To all those who supported me, those who voted for me, thank very much for the #14 position.

After meeting all of you, I’ve come to terms with myself. Since entering SKE48, more than anyone, I’ve placed great importance on “consideration”. It’s because I’m easily hurt. And I didn’t want the other members, or the fans to know that feeling. That’s why I placed great importance on that word.

But when I say things, or when I try to write them down, when I try to choose my words… it felt like me, as a human being, was disappearing. It was really painful to write.

You probably think it’s annoying, but because I’m an idol, I have to do certain things, things that I want to do. I was really cornered by those feelings, and it was very painful…

Ah, but! I was pulled in by your words. Fans said to me, “Nao-chan, relax. Be a little greedy. Take care of yourself. Be an idol for yourself.” When I really thought about it, when I first entered SKE48, I didn’t care about those around me. I only thought about “leveling-up” myself, and I tried hard to become the center.

Before I knew it, I became distant, as a person. I couldn’t really be myself. But only during the election do I want to try hard for myself. I want to know everything about myself. With that in mind, and with all of you, I received this wonderful rank.

During this time, I lived for my dream. I lived only for my dreams. I’m so so happy to be supported by all of your wonderful power.

During this time, it was a time that I lived only for my dream. It was refreshing… and it felt really good!

I was really worried at first. But because of that, the fans worked hard. So this year, I had to slap all of your butts. I spend a lot of time slapping asses and was able to achieve this rank. Thank you very much!

The following dialogue was untelevised because Fuji TV sucks (found via news article):

SKE? Are you there? Good, you’re okay.

All of your strength has been huge. If it wasn’t for your, I wouldn’t be able to chase my dreams.

I love the saxophone and I got into some worked related to that. In the music world, there are lots of people who have no interest in SKE, so I’ll do my best while playing the sax.

My being able to be part of this election, is because I was able to tell you all my feelings. I hope that I won’t be afraid to tell you more and am able to work slowly toward my dream with all of you. Thank you very much!

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