Miyawaki Sakura’s 2017 9th Senbastu Speech (English Subtitles)

Here is Homma Hinata’s speech for the #14 position from the 2017 AKB48 49th Single 9th Senbatsu Sousenkyo General Election.

Last year I ranked #6, and because it was the first I cried at an election, this year I’m not gonna cry. But, even though my rank increased since last year, but this year I couldn’t overcome this wall in front of me. So I’m a little frustrated. But with this year’s election, it wasn’t the so much the result, but the process of getting here that’s given me confidence.

People only look at results, but since I’m focused on how I got here, and although a lot of members aren’t called during the election, if I tell myself that I’ve done my best, then I think I’ll have a chance next year. Let’s not give up and keep going.

I’m often called an “honor student”, very diligent, and that I play it safe. But if succeed and never fail, that to me is very scary.

That’s because failure, falling down, and knowing pain is how you grow. So I want to take on many different challenges, and try things that people would think is impossible for me. While I’m failing, I want to keep growing.

If I’m after an average score, I’m okay with 0 points, so I’ll do my best.

And, well. I’m not sure about next year’s election but, Tokumitsu-san, let me make an announcement for next year. At next year’s election, Miyawaki Sakura will be #1!

I’ve made quite a fuss again, but I hope this announcement will come true.

I guess I’ve really put myself in a bind. I’ll try my hardest and hope for the best result next year. I hope that I can become the person to fill Sasshi’s role of carrying us forward. Thank you!

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