Souda Sarina’s 2017 9th Senbastu Speech (English Subtitles)

Here is Souda’s speech for the #8 position from the 2017 AKB48 49th Single 9th Senbatsu Sousenkyo General Election.

Thank you to everyone who supported me.

I became an idol when I was 20 years old. During the Draft Meeting audition, I was selected last. I was selected by the members of SKE48. I’ve always wanted to be an idol, and I was able to become one.

The first time I went to an audition was when I was 14 years old. It was the AKB48 3rd generation audition. I was dropped in the final round. I went to auditions so many times, and at 20 years old, I was able to enter SKE48.

Since then, I’ve taken part in my beloved handshake events, met so many people, and was able to get into the senbatsu line up.

At that time, someone said something to me, “You’re doing it all wrong”. But here’s what I thought. Do I have to do everything in the “right” and proper way? What’s wrong with being sloppy? Of being unattractive? Is it so wrong that people were so put off by my desperation?

To people who have problems with the way I do this, I want to say this. Try doing what I do. If you can imitate me, please do it. That’s what I want to say.

I’ve made a path that only I can walk in. So many fans were by my side. I was really not confident becoming an idol at 20 years old, so I felt that, more than anyone else, I had to work hard.

If I became an idol at 14 years old, I think I would have given up sooner. To SKE48, who made me an idol, and to all the fans I love, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

To those who supported me and placed me at #8, I promise to show you who Souda Sarina is.

Also, for a long time now, I’ve had a dream playing the heroine in a musical the Imperial Theatre in Tokyo.

Taking this position to heart, and aiming for that dream, I hope to take part in different kinds of work, and hopefully, more people will come to know Souda Sarina.

Thank you for #8!

More stuff, cut off by Fuji TV’s broadcast:

More than anyone, I won’t give up. It was the same during the Draft Meeting audition, and the Kouhaku Election, where I barely made it in at #50. I won’t lose to anyone when it comes to not giving up, and I think my fans are the same.

I love the handshaking events! It’s an opportunity to get up close and personal. I really can’t express everything in words, truly, thank you very much!

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